How To Apply For ASVAB!

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) exam will enable you to enlist in the military service. If you are interested in appearing for the ASVAB exam, you need to contact a military recruiter. You can search for a military recruiter near you by visiting the official website of ASVAB. The recruiter will ensure that you meet all necessary qualifications to appear for the ASVAB exam. Some of the qualifications that the recruiter checks is the age of the applicant, family dependants, medical problems, prior or present drug addiction, criminal history, and much more.  

If the applicant does not qualify for these requirements, then the recruiter has an authority to disqualify your application. To check the mental ability of the applicant, the recruiter might take a prior test. This test will be based on AFQT portion, which comprises of Paragraph Comprehension (PC), Word Knowledge (WK), Mathematics Knowledge (MK), and Arithmetic Knowledge (AK). Depending on the scores achieved in the test, the recruiter will decide whether you can appear for the ASVAB exam or you still need to prepare for the exam.  

Once the recruiter has determined that you are qualified, he will set up a time for you to take the ASVAB exam at the closest Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS). If there aren’t any MEPS nearby, then you can even appear for the exam at an affiliated Military Entrance Test (MET) site. The recruiter will help you in finding the right examination site for you.  

Individuals that are currently serving in the military can retake the ASVAB exam. This will help them to achieve better military jobs. If you are interested in reappearing for the exam then you need to contact your base educational office.  

If you are a high school student and are interested in ASVAB Career Exploration Program, you need to contact your school teacher. The ASVAB is offered to post-secondary as well as high school students. Interested students can take part in the ASVAB Career Exploration Program, which will help them to explore careers in military and civilian jobs.  

The ASVAB CEP will help you to determine what you are good at and the jobs that match your interests and skills. Once you have appeared for the test, you have to participate in several activities that will enable you to understand the scores you have achieved and the options open for your future. When you clear your ASVAB exam, there will be hundreds of careers for you to select. So, make the best decision for your future by knowing the facts and applying for ASVAB.